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Owner Financing

All of our properties are For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Traditionally, a land owner will hire a company or real estate agent to market and sell a property on their behalf. In that case, the agent will take a commission from the sale, often increasing the total cost of the property. Most importantly, this requires cash payments or traditional financing methods such as mortgages. 

The fact that we own our properties outright allows us to offer Owner Financing. This means that we, not the bank, will finance your purchase. So, with a small down payment (usually between $99 - $1,000) and a monthly fee ranging from $99 - $500 a month, you can pay down the cost of your land over time. 

Like putting a purchase on a credit card, or financing the purchase of a car, we allow you to pay for property over time. The difference is that we don’t check your credit score or charge interest! 

What’s included in the down payment?


The down payment covers the following costs: 

  • A down payment towards the purchase of your land. 

  • All administrative fees associated with preparing documentation needed to file with the county. State counties charge varying fees for their work when they record and file all of the public deeds and other related paperwork

What’s included in the monthly payments? 

We want to make your land investment as simple as possible so we have included ALL relevant costs into one monthly payment. This includes:

  • The cost of the land as per the land contract

  • Monthly property taxes 

  • Any applicable HOA fees 

So, you don’t need to worry about anything else other than one fixed fee per month. 

Can I pay off my loan early? 

Yes! You can pay off the remaining balance of your loan early at anytime with no penalty. In fact, if you pay it off in full within 24 months, we give you a 20% discount of the remaining balance of the loan. 

Can I buy my property in cash? 

Of course! We offer a 30% discount for all cash purchases. You will have the option to select a cash purchase during “checkout”. 

Paying cash in full 

We want to make land ownership easy, but let’s be honest, we can’t “Buy with 1-click” an important investment like land ownership. 

When you select cash purchase during checkout, we will only charge you for the down payment at first which secures the land for you. Then, we will send you the Oasis Land Ownership Package including the land purchase agreement which is your legal guarantee that we will transfer the deed into your name upon receipt of payment. If you would like to go through a title company for this, please contact us and we are happy to help.

Once you sign the land purchase agreement, you will get billed for the remaining balance of the property. Upon receipt of the remaining balance, we will transfer the deed into your name, record the information with the county, and send you a copy of all documents for your records.

Why isn’t owner financing offered through real estate agents? 

It can be, sometimes. This is the exception, not the rule, however. Real Estate agents get a small percentage (5-10%) of the purchase price of a property/home. So, for them, unless the owner is willing to pay them commission up front, it doesn’t make sense to get even 10% commission from a $99 monthly payment. 

Can I get a loan from a bank instead of through Oasis Investing?

Maybe, sometimes. Not likely. Traditional banks rarely finance the purchase of raw land. Why? They require that the property has a home or some structure on it that they can use as collateral. They don’t see the land itself as good collateral, we do. There are some smaller banks or credit unions that might offer financing for larger land purchases but they will certainly charge interest and you will now owe the bank, not us. Also, the bank won’t give you a 100 day money back guarantee or offer to swap the property.

Can I get out of my loan contract? 

Yes. You can stop payments at any time if for any reason you no longer want to own the property. Defaulting on our land contracts is much different than defaulting on a bank loan. It won’t impact your credit score or go to collections. It simply means you will not own the property and if it is after the 100 day money back guarantee, you don’t get any refunds.

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