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How it all works

The Oasis Model

So, how does this all work, really? What’s the catch? Seems too good to be true? 

Here’s the deal. At Oasis Investing we specialize in scouring our regions for off market or bulk land acquisition deals. This ensures we own all of our land outright. We are not real estate agents or brokers, we are the land owners. 

Why does that matter? 

All of our properties are For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Traditionally, a land owner will hire a company or real estate agent to market and sell a property on their behalf. In that case, the agent will take a commission from the sale, often increasing the total cost of the property. Most importantly, this requires cash payments or traditional financing methods such as mortgages (If you can get a loan from the bank to finance a land purchase! More on that later…) 

The fact that we own our properties outright allows us to offer Owner Financing. This means that we, not the bank, will finance your purchase. So, with a small down payment (usually between $99 - $1,000) and a monthly fee ranging from $99 - $500 a month, you can pay down the cost of your land over time. 

The catch 

If you can call it a catch, this is it. We will only formally transfer the deed (ownership of the property) once you have completed your last payment. This is our “collateral” and why we don’t need to perform any credit checks, don’t charge interest, and can avoid the bank. Don’t worry, you get full access to the property the minute you sign your Land Contract. You can even start building on your land and use your land contract as proof of ownership to take out a construction loan. Last thing! If you pay your loan contract off in full within 24 months, we give you a 20% discount on the balance of the loan and the deed will be transferred to your name immediately. 

The 5 Step Process 

Step 1: Choose your property 

Step 2: Contact us to learn more or pay your 100% refundable down payment. This locks in the property for you for 1 week while you review the Land Contract. 

Step 3: Once we receive the down payment, we will ask you for a few pieces of information to prepare your contract. Name, address, etc. 

Step 4: We send you the Oasis Land Ownership Package for your review. This will include all the information about the property and the region including contact details for surveyors, county offices, zoning officials, etc. and the formal Land Contract. The land contract outlines the amount and duration of your monthly payments and is your legal guarantee that you will own the property outright once you’ve paid off the loan. 

Step 5: We transfer the deed of ownership to your name, record it with the county for official public record, send you a copy and you are the official owner of that property.

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