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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I build on my land?

Our goal is to provide you with land that allows you to do with it as you please. Build your dream home or vacation property, set up a camping retreat, create a vacation rental property, or anything you can think of (allowed by law of course).

Each one of our properties is unique and if you want to build a home we encourage you to check the suitability of the land before purchasing or during your 100 day money back guarantee period. Remember, you have a 100 day 100% satisfaction guarantee so if you determine the property isn’t suitable for your dream home, let us know and we will replace it with similar property in our portfolio or provide you with a 100% refund.

Some of our properties will already come builder ready, others are truly raw parcels of land that have no permits in place or have not yet been tested. Most are in between. If your plan is to build, it is likely more time and work will be involved and this is reflected in our prices. 

If you do want to build, we ask that you try to pay off your land contract in full before beginning construction but it isn’t mandatory. Why? If you start construction and then, for any reason, default on your land contract, you will forfeit the land and we will now own the land and any structures on it. We don’t want to do this! If you are taking out a construction loan, we ask that you use some of those funds to pay off the remaining balance of your land contract. We find this makes the process cleaner for everyone.

Are there utilities on the property? 

Each property is unique. Some might have roadside electric and water readily available while others are more remote and would need on site septic systems, wells or alternative energy systems. Each property has this clearly outlined in the description. When you pay your down payment to reserve the property, we will provide you with the contact details relevant to that property to double check anything that might be important for your plans for the property. 

Are there HOA fees? 

Some of our properties have HOA fees. Usually, these are for parcels in communities that have private roads, waste services and other amenities such as lake access, a community clubhouse, security, hiking trails etc. Particularly in our Poconos properties, many have HOA fees. These are all included in the monthly fee throughout the duration of your land contract. 

Important: Once you pay off your land contract, you are still responsible to pay both property taxes and any applicable HOA fees for your property. These are the only ongoing costs of land ownership. 

Property Taxes 

All land in the US has property taxes. These vary depending on the state, county, type, and size of the property that you own. While you are paying your monthly payments for the land contract, we take care of paying the property taxes for you. Afterwards, it is your responsibility. 

For raw land, property taxes are usually relatively low. Property taxes are calculated based on the size and value of your property. If you build a home on your land, the property tax is likely to increase.

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